The 29-year-old suspect responsible for attacking police in Baton Rouge attended The University of Alabama in 2012. 

According to reports, Gavin Eugene Long was identified as the suspect that shot six police officers, killing three. As more information comes out about Long, we have learned that the attack took place on his 29th birthday and that he was once a student at Alabama.

Long's name is listed on the school's website after he made the Dean's List in 2012. The university confirmed that he was once enrolled.

Gavin Eugene Long was a student at The University of Alabama for one semester in the Spring semester of 2012. He made the Dean's list that semester. UAPD did not have any interaction with him while he was a student a The University of Alabama.

Police are still investigating the motives behind the shooting and whether the officers were ambushed at the time of the attack. You can stay updated with the story here. 

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