Birmingham Barons outfielder Courtney Hawkins did something that's pretty rare at Montgomery's Riverwalk Stadium: he landed his home run on top of a moving train. 

The blast happened in the fourth inning of Sunday's game between the Barons and the Biscuits, both Double-A affiliates in the Southern League. The train had started to pass behind the left field wall when Hawkins was at the plate.

"You can actually hear (the train)," Hawkins said after the game. "People let me know real quick. I wasn't actually trying to hit it, but when it left the bat, you can hear everybody say, 'Hit the train! hit the train!' It was pretty cool."

The Biscuits have been playing in that stadium since 2004, and a home run ball has only hit a moving train a couple of times. The mayor of Montgomery actually offered $1,000 rewards for any player that hit a train, but that only last for a few years.

Birmingham went on to win the game by a score of 10-4.

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