It's been a quicker-than-expected road to recovery for Brain Robinson, Jr., and he's finally reached the end. The former Hillcrest Patriot and Crimson Tide star is ready to make his regular season debut for the Washington Commanders this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

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Robinson famously suffered two gun shot wounds to his right knee during an attempted carjacking on Aug. 29 in a part of north east DC famous for its local restaurants and bars. Fortunately, both bullets missed all of the "important" parts of the knee and he suffered no major or life threatening damage.

His love of football and determination have led him through this recovery process.

"That, was probably the lowest point I've ever been in my life," said Robinson of the time he spent laying in the hospital bed waiting for a prognosis from his medical team. "My passion for this game runs so deep. I never thought I'd be in a situation where I had to question or be questioned if I would be able to return back to playing football."

Just 18 days after that, he was participating in agility drills and hanging out on the stationary bikes with Chase Young as he rehabbed a knee injury of his own.

Robinson returned to practice this week and was monitored closely by the athletic training staff in Ashburn. The team wanted to make sure that in addition to not being overly sore after a full day of work, Robinson still had the explosiveness and toughness that highlights his style of running.

Head coach Ron Rivera said that endeavor was a success.

"He had good week. This morning, he was there and he was in good shape. So, we're pretty fired up," said Rivera.

The Tuscaloosa native was also pleased with how he felt after practice.

"By the time I finished that drill, I knew that I was at least where I needed to be, if not a little bit further as far as the progress I've made," said Robinson.

On the whole of the recovery process, Robinson said it was simply another bout with adversity in the long line of them throughout his life.

"Just had to continue to work and just do better for myself," said Robinson. "I guess I'm the king of adversity. I've dealt with so much adversity in my life. This was just another situation where I've just gotta be stronger than what I'm up against."

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