As the 2015 season moves along, the Alabama football team seems to be establishing itself more and more as a physically dominant football team. If the defense isn't sacking a quarterback nine times, it seems like Derrick Henry is gashing opponents on offense.

The team, and especially the offense, seems to be making improvements every week, and the players are noticing it as well. Sophomore Cam Robinson talked with the media this week about the offensive line's play in recent weeks.

"I think each week we're just playing better and better," Robinson told the media. "As an offensive line, if one person's not playing well or another person's not playing well, it's very easily showing because an offensive line has to be a unit."

After a running the gauntlet of October's schedule, the bye week seems to have come at a perfect time for the team. Since that week off, the offense has rushed for 485 yards and five touchdowns.

"Yeah, I think the bye week actually was pretty big for me," Robinson said. "I was able tighten up on a few things. So I feel like I took full advantage of the bye week."

Also since that bye week, running back Derrick Henry has taken over the lead for the Heisman Trophy after consecutive games over 200 yards rushing. While college football can't stop talking about his size and speed combination, Robinson says nothing surprises him when it comes to Henry breaking long runs.

"I see him do it everyday," Robinson said. "I don't want to say I expected it, but I knew he was capable of it. I know what he's able to do, especially when he gets into the open field."

The offense will look to keep the momentum going into the final home game of the season against Charleston Southern.