Although college football and basketball is well into the offseason portion of the calendar, plenty of news is coming out of Tuscaloosa concerning head football coach Nick Saban and head basketball coach Nate Oats.

Following John Beilein's departure from Michigan to the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, Nate Oat's name surfaced as a potential candidate for the Michigan job. On Monday, Alabama's head men's basketball coach shot down those rumors and reaffirmed his commitment to Alabama basketball.

During Tuesday's "Capstone Report with DC" portion of The Blitz, DC from spoke about how Oats's name popping up in Michigan's search for Beilein's successor is a compliment to Greg Byrne and Alabama.

"I think it's a great thing for Alabama. It just goes to show you that Greg Byrne went out and got the right guy for the job for Alabama and it goes to shows you that if a program like Michigan who has a great history in basketball is looking to Nate Oats as a potential candidate, if he's one of their top of the list, then Alabama got a great addition in Nate Oats." DC said.

As one of college basketball's hottest up-and-coming coaches, DC believes Michigan did see if Oats had interest in the job and how the Wolverines had no downside in doing so.

"Nate Oats is one of the up-and-coming coaches in the whole NCAA, and I would think they would have to look at those candidates that they think might be available. The only reason he'd be able is if coming to Alabama so quickly and not really having a full season, an opportunity for him to stay up north and stay in an area he is well familiar recruiting wise. I'm sure someone reached out to him to see how solidified he was, how his roots had already taken place at Alabama. They would be a fool not to do that. So I think yes for sure." DC said.

DC outlined the overall purpose of Saban's program at Alabama.

"I think he's trying to do something here that is going to help the player at the next level, and I think the whole idea at Alabama is you're developing a player that can get all he can get out of it in college, get him a degree or get him an education so he can be further in life afterwards, winning some championships while he's here, have a great opportunity to win championships and enjoy his whole college career. But, those that are elite enough to play at the next level, you're developing them into players to be at the next level at the NFL, and Alabama has done a great job of that so 'The Process' is working in that." DC said.

The Alabama football commentator explained how the transfer culture is hurting college football including the players.

"When you give an opportunity for a young person to make a decision to transfer for any reason and then you make them immediately eligible and there's no consequences to that, then you're hurting that player in things that come along later." DC said.

Check out what he had to say about Trendon Watford's recruitment and why Alabama basketball fans should be thankful to have Nate Oats as head coach.

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