Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News joined Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier Tuesday morning to span the world of college sports and discuss what exactly happened at the Kentucky Derby.

First, Congratulating Alabama Softball for becoming the SEC regular season champions after sweeping LSU over the weekend, before discussing his thoughts on Alabama football's 2019 road games, and providing his insight on the college basketball bribery trial.

"The way A&M has been recruiting," Hurt told Reier. "The way LSU has been recruiting, Auburn again is always kind of in that mix. Although their recruiting hasn't been the way the others have been able to."

Click on the video above to listen to the full conversation between Reier and Hurt as they discuss Alabama football's 2019 road schedule, break down what exactly happened in the Kentucky Derby, and much more.

"I'm frankly a little surprised that the judge didn't have Sean Miller come in there and testify," Hurt told Reier about the college basketball bribery trial. "There's enough ambiguity in the mentions that it would have been interesting, obviously from a college basketball perspective, but also I think for the jury."

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