SEC Network broadcaster and radio host Cole Cubelic stirred up the Alabama fan base last week during a Q&A session on Twitter.

As with everything on the internet and on social media, the slightest disagreement can escalate to an absurd level in a hurry. Let this interaction be exhibit A.

Cubelic was asked this simple question by a fan: "Who will win more games? AU or UA?"

Ok, fair enough. Auburn adds the top quarterback transfer to a team that went to the Sugar Bowl last year while Alabama lost a lot of talent on the field and a number of coaches off of it.

Things were still pretty calm until someone followed up by asking who he had beating Bama.

Wait, Mississippi State? The same program that went 6-7 last year, only winning three SEC games? Apparently so. And fans let him hear the rest of the day.

What was the reasoning behind that pick besides being an Auburn homer (that's sarcasm)? Well, Aaron Suttles brought Cubelic on to discuss his answer and explain the reasoning behind it.