Alabama baseball fell to Columbia on Friday night after a 14-game winning streak.

"I felt like Columbia was more excited to play at the beginning of the game than we were and I think the ballpark felt that," said head coach Brad Bohannon.

The Tide started out the game strong with strikeouts and swings. Grayson Hitt pitched a strikeout on only his second batter up and both Will Hodo and Andrew Pinckney made contact with the ball during the first inning.

Shakiness set in when Anton Lazits and Seth Dardar of Columbia scored two runs in the second inning. The Tide's Jim Jarvis stole second and third base ready to go for home when Mac Guscette came up short with a strikeout.

Tommy Siedl scored off of a Hodo hit at the bottom of the third inning, bringing Alabama one point behind Columbia. The Tide would sit with two points until the seventh inning.

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Columbia scored two more runs in the fourth inning before Alabama took a timeout. Brock Blatter came in to pitch for Hitt and struck out his first batter. However, Columbia's Andy Blake hit a double and Griffin Palfrey scored. This brought Columbia four runs ahead of the Tide going 5-1.

Alabama's Caden Rose came out swinging with an unexpected home run to end the fourth inning on a high note, Tide trailing 5-2 behind the Lions.

The fifth through the seventh inning was the most successful for both teams. Columbia racked in four more runs leaving them 9-2 against the Tide. However, Hodo swung for the fences and landed a beautiful home run bringing two teammates with him.

Then Columbia's Hayden Schott comes right back hitting a first-pitch home run to welcome in the eighth inning. After, when it was the Tide's turn at bat, Ed Johnson hit a triple enabling Rose to score, ending the inning 10-6 Columbia lead.

Alabama squeezed out one more run during the ninth from a Drew Williamson single down the first base line, bringing in Colby Shelton.

"To Columbia's credit, we made some mistakes and they did a really good job at making us pay for them," said Bohannon.

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The final game score was a 10-7 Columbia win. As much as the game was not the win everyone hoped for, the team put up a fight until the very end.

The Tide hopes to take the series against Columbia on Saturday, March 11 in a doubleheader.

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