Prior to kickoff, Alabama fans gushed with confidence about the chances of going 15-0 and securing a second consecutive national championship. Over three hour later, the Crimson Tide limped back into the locker room with their worst defeat in three decades.

During Tuesday's edition of Inside the Locker Room, former LSU and Southern Miss head football coach Curley Hallman assessed the Crimson Tide's performance in Santa Clara, California.

One of the biggest differences in the game came at quarterback as Clemson freshman Trevor Lawrence outshined Alabama sophomore Tua Tagovaloia. Despite having roughly the same number of completions and passing attempts, Lawrence threw for 52 more yards, had one more touchdown pass and did not throw an interception compared to Tagovailoa's two picks including one returned for a touchdown.

According to Hallman, part of the reason for Clemson's success in the passing game was because of the ineffectiveness of the Alabama's secondary.

"Alabama's DBs looked slow, first time I've seen them all year whereas Clemson looked quicker, more confident and just so many things involved." Hallman said.

In a crucial moment early in the third quarter, the Tide attempted a fake field goal but was stuffed by the Clemson special teams. The former LSU head coach stated why Alabama's trick play had no chance of succeeding.

"The fake field goal for example, Clemson knows from the press box. They're already yelling down alert for the fake because Alabama's sideline telegraphed it." Hallman said. "Clemson lined up with six of seven guys dropped off".

While discussing various aspects of the game throughout the conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, Hallman touched on one particular drive that demonstrated the difference in the two teams. With 10:02 left in the game, the Tigers took possession of the ball at their own one-yard line, drove to Alabama's five-yard line and ran out the clock.

"Clemson's last drive, it didn't have anything to do with the outcome, it just had to do with an attitude. Fourteen plays, 90+ yards to run the clock out starting on the one-yard line." Hallman said.

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