The 2014 college football season has yet to begin, but concerns over a possible rule change has fans, players, and even coaches upset on what future rules might mean for their team.

A new rule has been proposed that would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute players before the opposing team's offense can snap the ball. If the ball is snapped before the 10 seconds are up, the offense is penalized five yards.The reason for the proposal is the belief that players are at a higher risk of being injured when teams run fast paced offenses. SEC coaches such as Nick Saban and Bret Bielema are in favor of the rule while Gus Malzahn and Hugh Freeze are opposed to it.

Former Alabama defensive standout and current Philadelphia Eagle Damion Square joined The Game Tuesday night to give insight into both styles of offense since he knows them both very well. Although Square is a defensive end, he enjoys facing fast paced offenses.

"I love playing against teams that run that type of (up-tempo) offense because it is playground football," Square told host Ryan Fowler. "It's the kind of football where you line up and hit the guy as hard as you can because that's all you can do in that kind of offense. I love being out there playing against the hurry up offense because it is just as much hell on offense as it is the defense. Those guys have to get on the ball, they have to get to the ball, and they have to make plays. They have to run just as much as me so as long as we are doing the same thing; I like those odds any day."

Square saw the hurry up offense from a whole new perspective once he joined the Eagles organization. Chip Kelly brought a new pace of football to Philadelphia from Oregon. Square has a new opinion on the offense compared to the one he had while he was still at Alabama, which traditionally runs the pro-style offense.

"The pro-style offense is more consistent so that is probably why more people are stubborn and stay in it, but when you run the up-tempo offense effectively it can be pretty effective. I wasn't a fan of it until I joined the Eagles organization."

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