Former Alabama running back Derrick Lassic joined The Game on Tuesday night and discussed A.J. McCarron's Heisman chances and why he is such a good quarterback.

"What hurts AJ is that he has so much talent around him," Lassic told host Ryan Fowler. "People will call him a manager, but he has the ability to get the ball to that receiver. He has to have the ability to audible and turn bad plays into good plays. He has the ability or knowledge not to force that pass."

The MVP of the 1992 national championship game chimed in on who he believes should win the biggest award in college football.

"AJ to me is a Heisman candidate. I don't know if he is the best player in the country. You know because I am a Johnny Manziel fan. I think what that kid does is phenomenal. AJ has a special type of talent, and he should be invited to New York."

"Usually when a players talks a lot he doesn't have a good game. Like the kid from Ohio State saying they would wipe the floor with either Alabama or Florida State. I honestly think Ole Miss would beat Ohio State."

Derrick Lassic knows that Ohio State wants to play Alabama in the national championship but believes the Buckeyes would be better off avoiding the Crimson Tide.

"You have to be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. I think if we played Ohio State in the national championship it would kinda be like the beating we put on Notre Dame."


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