Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus joined The Game on Tuesday night to talk about the factors that contributed to Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley winning the Butkus Award which is given annually to the best linebacker at the collegiate level.

"The things I've heard about (Mosley) when we were down in Birmingham at the banquet, from Coach Saban and a couple of other people there, were just about his character," Butkus told host Ryan Fowler.

C.J. Mosley joins Derrick Thomas and Rolando McClain as the only players from Alabama to win the award. Butkus is not alone when the decision is made on who wins the award. He explains who makes up the committee and why Mosley was chosen.

"The judges are actually 51 people consisting of general managers from the pros, college coaches, and scouts. People you never really hear about that go across the country and scout the players. We always have some moaning or crying about why their guy didn't win. With C.J., I think we made another great selection. he is just a character kid and that helps."

Butkus was successful at both the collegiate and professional level in his playing career, and he credits a lot of his success to the men that coached him. He knows the game of football and talks about what he thinks of Nick Saban's success as a head coach.

"As far as coaching football, he's right up there. They can say whatever they want about him off the field, but he knows what he is doing. I'll tell you that. To have those great teams, it is unbelievable actually."

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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