The two-month long operation by the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force resulted in 89 total arrests, which might be a record number. The TPD, UAPD, Northport Police Department, the U.S. Marshals, and the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office all worked together.

"From people that have been associated with this task force for 30 years, in talking with them, yes this is a record," said TPD Chief Steven Anderson.

The majority of the 183 drug charges involved marijuana but others included cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, and mushrooms. Along with drugs, three guns and unknown sum of cash was also confiscated.

"We hope that it will have a positive impact (on Tuscaloosa), mean it will drive drug sales down, make people more leery when their selling drugs," said Anderson.

Below is the list of all 74 people arrested with their charges.

Page one of 74 arrested in Tuscaloosa
Page two of 74 arrested

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