On Thursday, it was announced that the formerly named “Belk Bowl” will be rebranding as the “Duke’s Mayonnaise Bowl.” The bowl game, which is played in Charlotte, North Carolina has historically featured conference tie-ins for both the ACC and the SEC but now will feature the Big Ten conference, which will swap out with the SEC every other year.

In addition to the bowl game, the naming rights to the kickoff game will also be awarded to the kickoff game that will take place at the beginning of the season at Bank of America Stadium- the home of the Carolina Panthers. This year, the “Duke’s Mayo Classic” is set to pit college football blueblood, Notre Dame against Wake Forest.

The announcement was made via Twitter on Thursday morning in an… interesting fashion. Luke Kuechly, the former linebacker for the Carolina Panthers walks onto the screen, sits down, pulls out a jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise, and makes a sandwich.

The formerly named Belk Bowl has a history of having fun on social media, whether it be trolling fans and hinting at Alabama making a bowl appearance last year or tweeting Star Wars’ gifs to announce the game’s winner.

The 2019 edition of the bowl game featured a thrilling matchup between Lynn Bowden Jr. and his Kentucky Wildcats against the Hokies of Virginia Tech in a 37-30 Kentucky victory. Since Belk took over as the sponsor for the Charlotte bowl game, four of the nine matchups have featured tight games that were decided by less than a touchdown.

Along with the newly named “Duke’s Mayonnaise Bowl,” the brand new “Los Angeles Bowl”, the “Fenway Bowl”, and “Myrtle Beach Bowl” will bring the total number of bowl games to over 40 games.

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