No one has ever shot a 59 in college gold. However, Alabama golfer Nick Dunlap came oh so close last week at the Hamptons Intercollegiate in New York, when he fired a 60 at to set a new school record and tie an NCAA single round mark.

Bama golf coach Jay Seawell was on hand, and what he saw may have changed his career. That, and what he saw earlier in the summer when Dunlap won the U.S. Amateur in Atlanta.

"I've known [Dunlap] for a long, long time. He came to camp when he was a little kid," Seawell said of the Huntsville native. He's been built for this. He shot 59 at Highland Park when he was 11 or 12 years old.

"For the next 20 years, we're going to see Nick do things with a golf ball that only a few people do now."

Seawell was  also especially touched when he found out some teammates were heading to Atlanta to support Dunlap as he tried to win the U.S. Amateur tourney.

"I got a text from [some of Dunlap's teammates] that 'We're coming,' it made me cry.

"I've been here 22 years and it's my 32nd year as a head coach. When those boys sent that video [of them supporting Dunlap] and when Nick won, I brought them into a corner and hugged them. I said,'Thank you. You've made me fall in love with what I do again.'

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"They've given me a kick in the heart about what I get to do: help young people."

Seawell then compared Dunlap to one of the greatest golfers ever.

"Nick has a lot of what Tiger [Woods] has. Not the physicality, but from [ear to ear].

"I'm his biggest fan. He inspires me."

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