Before the 2015 Cotton Bowl, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox and East Lansing, Michigan Mayor Mark Meadows made a friendly wager.

The two mayors agreed that if the Crimson Tide were to win, Meadows would fly a University of Alabama flag over East Lansing City Hall for one day and wear crimson and white to a City Council meeting as well as donate $50 to the Tuscaloosa Pre-K Initiative.

Now if the Michigan State University Spartans were to win, Mayor Maddox would fly a MSU flag over Tuscaloosa City Hall for one day and wear green and white tie to a City Council meeting and donate $50 to the East Lansing Education Foundation.

Obviously, Alabama won the Cotton Bowl by shutting out the Spartans 38-0.

Mayor Meadows has now honored his end of the bet by sending Mayor Maddox a check for $50. Meadows also included a note congratulating the Crimson Tide on their win in both the Cotton Bowl and College Football National Championship and explained how he grew up in Tuscumbia with a Tide faithful father!

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