As the Alabama Crimson Tide begins their journey for a second consecutive national championship, another powerhouse junior college program is looking to add to their trophy collection.

East Mississippi Community College is looking to win their fourth junior college national championship since 2011 as they start their season September 1.

As EMCC looks ahead to the 2016 season, Netflix released their documentary on the football team’s 2015 season called “Last Chance U” July 29.

EMCC’s athletic instructional advisor and compliance assistant Brittany Wagner discussed her role in the documentary recently on Southern Fried Sports with Travis Reier.

Wagner detailed the role she plays with the football program as an academic advisor and mother-like figure and how the task of getting the players to achieve success away from football drives her.

When describing the challenges of building trust, Wagner highlights a way she is able to connect with the players.

“A large portion of I think gaining the trust are those moments where the guys are just hanging out in here and we’re not talking academics. Where I’m not drilling them about a paper or I’m not getting on to them about going to class or asking them if they have a pencil. Where we’re talking about rap music of Joy Behar or whatever the conversation that they bring to the table and me just sitting in here and sometimes listening to them talk to each other or just them being free to talk to me and not judging them for the conversation that they bring to the table.” Wagner said.

She later discussed her memories of former Alabama players in Quinton Dial and D.J. Pettway.

Concerning Pettway, Wagner mentions how her relationship with Pettway got off to a rough start.

“He had his moment when he first got here where I don’t think he liked me very much, and I annoyed him that I was staying on him.” Wagner said.

The EMCC advisor relayed a moment that would help build trust between them.

“We kind of had a moment in our defensive coordinator’s office where it was kind of what I would call a come to Jesus talk with the three of us, and I think that’s where trust was established with D.J. (Pettway). ” Wagner said.

Wagner reflected on how the meeting in the defensive coordinator’s office would change their relationship.

“From that moment on, D.J. Pettway and I were tight. That kid would have done anything I asked him to do. He was fabulous, and he’s one of my favorite players that have ever come through here.” Wagner said.

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