We all know that the atmosphere at high school games can be intense in Tuscaloosa. There has to be a school in the city that would do this epic idea.

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There is a video on Tik Tok that has gone viral of what seems to be a high school student section at a basketball game. This isn't your average high school student section. These fans display top-tier school spirit in the video.

You can see dozens of students in the student section with their hands up, cheering loudly but there's one student in particular on the floor pretty much conducting the large crowd. The student is dressed up in a costume that resembles Moses from the Bible.

In this video viewed more than three million times, the Moses character conducts the crowd then drives his staff to the floor as he does what the caption of the video suggests. He parts the "red sea" of fans in the student section. It is one of the most epic displays of fun and school spirit at a high school game I've ever seen.

There are so many things that caught my eye in this video, from the cheerleaders participating, to the bleachers being blue which adds to the whole bit, and the players barely being able to concentrate on the coach.

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I love how involved the students are in the games and it got me wondering. Which Tuscaloosa high school student section could pull off such an epic stunt like this?

The student section would have to have lots of school spirit and be willing to get LOUD. Easy right?

Send me your suggestions on which Tuscaloosa high school you think could pull off this or a similar display of school spirit at a game.

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