Good news for football fans: it's FINALLY going to feel like fall when you hit the Quad Saturday! Please, take a moment to look at the National Weather Service in Birmingham's forecast for Tuscaloosa this weekend.

NWS Birmingham
NWS Birmingham

DO YOU SEE THAT? The high Saturday is 78. NOT 98. NOT 88.


I am literally crying right now. Sunday's high is 77--and please note that when you wake up Sunday morning in your post-game day stupor, you may need a cardigan because it's going to be 54 DEGREES OUTSIDE.

That means I'm not going to melt when I'm outdoors. Who knows--maybe my hair won't turn to a ginormous ball of frizz the moment I cross my house's threshold. Maybe I'll even wear actual shoes and not flip flops (probably not).

Perhaps it's all the pumpkin spice prayers I've said after lighting Yankee Candles--but something is definitely working here. I'm sure we have a few more hot days ahead of us, but knowing that we've got a perfect weekend on the way makes everything alright.

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