The hot rumor around the internet today is that boxer Floyd Mayweather has laid $5.9 million down on the Miami Heat to cover the -7 line in game seven against the Indiana Pacers. The gossip wildfire is both likely inaccurate and highly believable all at the same time.

The reason that we have a hard time believing everything we read on the internet (besides the fact that it's the internet) is there's much more reason to believe that this is self-promotion from 'Money' Mayweather than to think he actually placed the bet. Just last September before Alabama trounced Michigan to open the college football season, there was talk that he placed a $3 million bet down on Michigan, but that story quickly changed to a bet on the eventual national champions.

The most recent speculation came during the NCAA Tournament three months ago when word spread that Mayweather dropped $7 million on UCLA, which got destroyed by Minnesota. There was never a concrete answer as to whether that actually happened either.

Mayweather's brand 'Money' has become so much bigger than the boxing ring that it's not surprising that he keeps attaching his name with the biggest sporting events to continue perpetuating this exorbitant lifestyle. How else would he justify posing in front of toy trucks with stacks of cash?

Floyd Mayweather
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