Former Alabama and current Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman D.J. Fluker has allegedly been a repeated victim of domestic abuse, according to Fox 5 News in Baltimore.

Fluker told police he has been the victim of multiple assaults from Kimberly Davis over the course of their long-term relationship.

Davis was arrested after allegedly punching Fluker in the face over a social media argument on July 13. Fluker was left bleeding after that incident and was able to share photos of his face bleeding with Fox 5 News in Baltimore.

The arguments between Fluker and Davis allegedly stems from Fluker's opinion that Davis was a bad mother. She claimed her fingernails were the root cause of the cuts on Fluker's face and additionally told the police that she did not mean to cause him harm.

Fluker told officers of another incident on June 29 between the two that he did not report to the authorities initially. Fluker shared video of one of the incidents with Fox 5 News in Baltimore.

Fluker can be seen sitting on a staircase while Davis is aggressively responding to Fluker's accusation that she is an unfit mother. The video is erratic and shaky, it looks as if Fluker is recording while Davis is unaware.

Interestingly enough Fluker told police officers that his employer, the Baltimore Ravens, had to approve of him filing a report.

The Ravens have been no stranger to domestic violence with former running back Ray Rice and current safety Earl Thomas both being involved with incidents in the past.

"We have been in regular communication with D.J. regarding this matter and will continue to monitor the situation," said Senior Vice President of Communications Chad Steele.

Fluker is entering his first year as a member of the Ravens, he has previously spent time with the Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, and San Diego Chargers.

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