I didn't watch the Democratic presidential debate. I knew Twitter would handle the analysis for me - not that I really cared to have any. But these events always remind me of one of the nation's greatest debaters, Ronald Reagan.

There is a long list of legendary quotes the former actor-turned politician dropped on his opponents during these forums.

Among those, was one he used to fire back at a political foe, who kept repeating a similar refrain during the campaign, that differed from Reagan's view on a topic.

After the opponent would state his case, Reagan would shake his head and declare, "There you go again."

Well, when it comes to big SEC match-ups, "Here we go again."

And there's no debating this.

A week ago I said that Alabama's game with Arkansas could be the biggest of the season for the Tide, because it could determine which Tide team is the REAL Tide team.

Is Bama the mistake-prone squad that turned it over five times against OIe Miss, or is it the machine that steam-rolled Georgia?

If indeed Arkansas unveiled the true identity of the Crimson Tide, here's what we know:

Alabama is still way too inconsistent to defeat a very good opponent, if that opponent is playing at a high level.

Alabama is still lethal enough on defense to stay in every game - despite the inconsistencies of the offense.

Alabama's offense is still very explosive, and the big play threat is growing week-by-week, as Jake Coker-to-Calvin Ridley happens with greater frequency.

Alabama now has enough poise to fight through adversity and get the job done - at home.

Can they do the same on the road, in a hostile environment, against the best offense they've faced thus far?

Texas A&M has speed, skill, size, talent, and a Texas-sized chip on its shoulder, after getting roped and branded by the Tide to the tune of 59-0 in Tuscaloosa last year.

Each season, and each team, is different. But there's no way the Aggies didn't use that as motivation for THIS year's showdown at the new and improved Kyle Field.

So this challenge, simply becomes the next challenge, for Nick Saban's team. Because after this week, it'll be back home for Tennessee, with clashes with LSU, Miss. State, and Auburn still to come.

In other words... Here we go again.