Former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings had a bit of scare last month when he suffered a slight stroke during a visit to Montgomery. Stallings, 82, was taking part in the Jimmy Rane Foundation charity golf tournament dinner when he had to receive medical attention.

Since that time, the coach has returned home to Texas to get rest, but he took some time out this week to join The Game and updated Alabama fans on his recovery.

"I feel pretty good," Stallings told host Ryan Fowler. "I just lost my peripheral vision out of my right eye. And before I forget it, I appreciate all of the prayers and cards and telephone calls I've gotten from the people of Alabama."

Doctors have told Stallings to get rest over the next couple of months to reduce the risk of further medical problems.

"The bottom line, I can't do anything and that's what's killing me. They say you have one, you have a chance to have another one. So, six weeks I've just sort of got to hang around the house and not do anything."

The rest of the interview focused on Alabama football and the upcoming college football season. As you'll hear, Stallings sounds as sharp as ever discussing gameplans, rules changes, and more. You can listen to the entire conversation in the video at the top of the page.

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