Make plans to attend a special sale in Northport tomorrow. Ghana Ministries is sponsoring a garage sale, and all proceeds will benefit their mission to pay for chemotherapy for children with cancer in Africa.

Ghana Ministries will host a garage sale from 7:30 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m. tomorrow (February 8th) at 13923 Charlottesville Circle in Northport. The huge sale features clothing, furniture, appliances, and much more all donated by local residents who want to help Ghana Ministries continue changing lives for children in Africa.

Ghana Ministries, co-founded by Plastic Surgery of Tuscaloosa's Dr. Ross Bunch, is currently working to cover chemotherapy costs for children who would otherwise die without it--children like Shalinda, pictured below, who suffers from sarcoma of the face.

Young Shalinda suffers from sarcoma of the face, and the treatment she receives from Ghana Ministries could save her life.
Young Shalinda suffers from sarcoma of the face, and the treatment she receives from Ghana Ministries could save her life.

It costs approximately $1,500 to pay for one child's chemotherapy treatment. If parents do not have the funds to pay for all of their child's treatment, the unthinkable happens.

"Treatment is available, but if you're too poor to pay, they send your child home to die," Dr. Bunch said. "We are currently sponsoring three kids and we hope to take on more with your help. The dollar goes a long way in Ghana, so every dollar counts!"

Dr. Bunch said Ghana Ministries is currently working to raise $15,000 for Joshua and $10,000 for Shalinda, as the funds are needed to help these two children finish their cancer treatment.

You can support Ghana Ministries at tomorrow's garage sale, and you can also make a donation HERE.

The organization also works to improve living conditions and provide water for children in Ghana. Ghana Ministries' Mission Statement is below:

Ghana Ministries was founded on the belief that God calls each one of us to help those who are unable to provide for themselves. We are committed to the Kingdom of God and Spreading not only the Word, but the Love of God to the orphans in this community. We cover all our own travel and living expenses, which means 100 percent of your funding goes straight into the ministry to provide for needs such as: fresh water supplies, educational facilities and toilets/showers facilities. Volunteer or donate today and help us change the lives of these orphans and their community.

Please make plans to support Ghana Ministries at tomorrow's garage sale. Learn more about this wonderful local non-profit organization by checking out their website.

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