Philadelphia Eagles QB, Jalen Hurts has been trying to make his mark in Philly on the field.

In his rookie year Hurts threw for 1,000 yards with six touchdowns and four interceptions, but the former member of the Crimson Tide is also helping out off the field.

Alex's Lemonade Stand is an organization that has been raising money for children battling cancer since 2005.

Hurts reached out to see what he could do for one of the families who has a child that is battling cancer. Alex's Lemonade Stand put Hurts in contact with 7-year old Erik Carter, of Nottingham, Pennsylvania.

The two spent the day together and passed time by chatting and throwing the football around. After a few hours, Hurts decided to surprise the family with a $30,000 check to help them out during these tough times.

“I think what amazes me is how the kids don’t even realize maybe what they’re dealing with, the circumstances they’re in, but they’re just happy to be living. The fun things I’ll remember from this day is obviously the reaction but just spending time with Erick and his siblings. Throwing the ball, playing catch outside, signing his jersey, signing the ball", said Hurts in the video.

Hurts hopes to become a beacon of hope for Carter family, who is going through something that nobody should ever have to experience. On top of that, COVID-19 hasn't made things any easier for the family.

If you'd like to donate to Alex's Lemonade Foundation, you can by clicking here.

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