Well, Bryan Harsin is a very rich man... and he ain't even got no jobby job!!

Sterling Rates To Fluctuate During Brexit Negotiations
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I told y’all this in an earlier post: click here.

Ole Miss v Auburn
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On Monday, it was announced that YA BOY would be shown the door.

Reports state that some AU officials mumbled: “And don't let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”

Those reports are unsubstantiated, however.

Well, it’s a great day at the Harsin household with a cool $15 million payout coming his way, including $7 million due him by month’s end.

AFL-CIO Holds Rally For Employee Free Choice Act
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I’d say it was definitely great to be an Auburn Tiger... for him, at least.

Auburn University, for their part says that the search for a new coach will begin immediately that, "will return the Auburn program to a place where it is consistently competing at the highest levels and representing the winning tradition that is Auburn football," the release said.

I predicted he would score $17 million.

So my math was incorrect.

Indonesian School Curriculum To Drop Science Classes To Increase Religon And Nationalism Studies
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I was off by a few points….. 

I am the Bryan Harsin of number crunching.

But I told y’all!!

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