In recent years, one of college football’s biggest topics has been the extraordinary rise in salaries.

A prime example of a coach that has experienced the windfall of increasing salaries is Alabama’s Nick Saban. This season, he will make over $11 million when you including a $4 million signing bonus.

On Thursday’s edition of The Gary Harris Show, veteran Alabama football observer Gary Harris tackled the subject during his first hour monologue.

Harris has been a member of the sports media in Alabama and Mississippi since the 1980s and has seen numerous coaches come and go from the college football scene in Tuscaloosa.

The sports director for WVUA 23 reflected on a time that head coaches in the Southeastern Conference made a tiny fraction of what they make today and how assistant coaches have surpassed those totals from decades ago.

“I’ve been at this long enough that I remember when head football coaches in the SEC made $125,000-$150,000 per year and assistants, full-time assistants, might be making thirty grand.” Harris said. “Now you got position coaches at Alabama making $1 million. All the top coordinators make over $1 million.”

While Saban is beginning his second decade at Alabama, Harris reminded listeners of a time in recent Alabama football history when the head coach did not make $1 million.

“Remember Mike Shula his last year at Alabama? He didn’t make $1 million. He made $900,000, and actually, Mark Gottfried the basketball coach at the time made more money than Mike Shula.” Harris said.

As Harris analyzed Saban’s impact on the University of Alabama, he looked back at the condition of the university prior to Saban’s arrival in Tuscaloosa.

“When Mike Shula was the head football coach here from 2003-2006, Bryant-Denny Stadium didn’t look anywhere close to the way it looks now. This campus didn’t look the same. Football was struggling.” Harris said.

When examining the cost-benefit analysis of Nick Saban’s salary and the impact he has made in Tuscaloosa, the veteran sportscaster stressed a fundamental point concerning the cost-benefit analysis of Saban at Alabama.

“For what he has brought to this university, he is well worth it.” Harris stated.

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