Football is the ultimate team sport.

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You mess with one, you get us all.

And all that good stuff. I am not sure how true it is.

Georgia has lost star Tight End Brock Bowers for 4-6 weeks. This ankle injury is similar to the one Tua Tagavoila dealt with in Tuscaloosa. You simply can not say for sure when you will fully recover.

Brock Bowers is probably the best player in the SEC. Most NFL draft boards have him listed as a top-five draft pick in 2024.

This is a big deal. Georgia fans are so upset they are volunteering to donate their own ankles to Brock Bowers.


Athens is buzzing right now because they know.

This could change everything in this 2023 season for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Georgia is not the dominant team from the past couple of seasons.

They beat South Carolina 24-14 and barely edged out the Auburn Tigers 27-20. By the way, Georgia probably doesn't beat Auburn without Brock Bowers.


All it takes is a stumble or two and everything changes for the Tide to close out the year. I think it would be a bit of poetic justice for the Crimson Tide to end up in the College Football Playoff after the way the season started.

After all of the "Saban is soft" "Saban is too old" or "Saban should retire" keyboard warrior assaults on social media.    


Maybe Coach Saban is still capable of coaching college football at a high level. That's sarcasm. 

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