The University of Alabama athletic community came together Monday afternoon to collect items for victims of tornadoes that impacted several parts of Central and West Alabama last week.

Members of the Alabama Football team along with representatives from other teams including the Alabama Rowing team were present at the drive, which took place from Monday afternoon at the Home Depot.

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The Alabama Football team announced the drive on Friday when they solicited various items including bottled water, clothing, and cleaning supplies to donate to people who are in need.

Alabama offensive lineman Tyler Booker was one of the participants of the drive and said this opportunity to give back to those in need was important to him.

(Brittany Marshall|Tuscaloosa Thread)
(Brittany Marshall|Tuscaloosa Thread)

"I saw what a natural disaster does to a community," Booker said. "I'm from Connecticut and saw what Hurricane Sandy did to the whole Northeast so I can imagine what's going on here in Central Alabama. So personally I wanted to give back but as a team as well. The whole state supports us so when they need us, we're always going to be available to give back."

Lizzie Hall, a member of the Alabama Rowing team, said competing in a state that has supported its members inspired her teammates to come together to help relief efforts.

"What happened was terrible and nothing could have prevented it," Hall said. "You can never honestly prepare for these kinds of things and since we're so fortunate to be here, it's only right that we give back to the community."

Stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread for updates on other disaster relief efforts planned to assist storm victims.

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