Seemingly from the moment College Gameday announced it would return to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/LSU game, fans began speculating on who would be the celebrity guest picker. 

Many Crimson Tide fans haven't been thrilled with past selections when the traveling college football pregame show came to Tuscaloosa. While most schools get a guest picker that has strong ties to the program, Alabama has occasionally gotten some head-scratchers.

There was former LSU baseball pitcher Brian Wilson on set before the 'Game of the Century' in 2011. Most recently, country singer and North Carolina Tar Heels fan Eric Church joined the crew before the game against Ole Miss in September.

So Alabama fans have taken a proactive approach this week by lobbying for Birmingham-based meteorologist and social media star James Spann. BamaHammer has already listed reasons this makes perfect sense and Spann even tweeted out his interest on Sunday.

Chris Stewart brought Bryant-Denny Stadium's official weatherman onto his show Tuesday to discuss the possibility of this happening.

"(College Gameday) has obviously had a lot of social media pressure," Spann said. "I hope it's not overwhelming. They might just see too much of it and say forget it, but I'm hoping they'll at least think about the possibility.

"I will come in there passionate. I will come in there with enthusiasm. I will come in there well-prepared. I will come in there with some things to make people think. It will be a great segment."

For those that think his profession might not be the right fit for a guest picker, Spann presented the other side of that argument.

"They don't want anybody that comes in there thinking they're funny or some big-shot personality," Spann said. "They need somebody that fits in with the crowd. I can come in there with some analytical skill because I forecast things for a living. This is what I do.

"Not that it's always right, but you learn some analytical skills that you can apply to college sports and picking football games. And I could open their eyes to some new techniques and some new thoughts into doing this."

After more than seven years of consistently using guest pickers, College Gameday has to get creative in its selection. Just look at the most recent airing of the show.

"Last week they had the Philly Phanatic and that guy didn't even talk. He just kind of sits there," Spann said. "I would have the appropriate amount of things to say and I would give these guys something to think about."

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone around the state of Alabama that wouldn't support the Spann campaign, but we might have to wait until Saturday morning to find out if College Gameday will take a chance on Spann. Until then, they'll have to weather the social media storm.

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