Nearly two months ago, Justin Thomas found himself in position to win the US Open going into the final round but could not close the deal on the final 18 holes.

Over the weekend, Thomas put himself in a similar scenario and came through in the final round of the PGA Championship. The former Alabama star golfer shot three under par during Sunday’s final round to clinch his first major championship.

His win in the PGA Championship was the first for an Alabama alumnus in a major championship since Jerry Pate took home the US Open title in 1976.

Less than 24 hours after Thomas’ victory, Alabama head golf coach Jay Seawell provided his reaction to the big weekend on Inside the Locker Room.

“I think I’ve had more texts than I did when we won the national championship which makes me very proud of the guys and how they represent and how much golf has grown just within the Alabama family.” Seawell said.

Seawell discussed the impact that Thomas’ win could have in recruiting.

“Our recruiting will definitely take a very positive hit for sure just because everybody does associate Justin (Thomas) with Alabama because Justin does a great job of reminding people that’s where he came from.” Seawell said.

Throughout his conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, Seawell highlighted Thomas’ strength as a golfer as well as the character traits demonstrated by the winner of the 2017 PGA Championship.

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