University of Alabama head men's golf coach, Jay Seawell spoke recently on Justin Thomas and playing golf at a high level.

Seawell discussed the topic Tuesday on "Inside the Locker Room" hosted by Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

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"I think we forget how hard golf is, even for the best players," said Seawell. "The TV is only showing the best players in the world hit the best shot."

Thomas, who played golf at the University of Alabama, is currently competing in the PGA Tour.

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Justin Thomas 2023 Masters

Seawell said the Thomas is just going through a tough stretch. "I have talked with him because I do care, and I personally think he's in a very good place," he said. "It's just a golf thing, and I wouldn't be shocked if he contended or even won this week."

Thinking big picture, Seawell noted that the situation could actually be good for golf fans. "I think we think sometimes people are robots and they just show up and they do." In reality, Seawell said it takes work and confidence.

"[Thomas is] just a human being struggling with golf right now," said Seawell, "but he won't struggle long."

Listen to the full interview with Jay Seawell:

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