Early in Nick Saban's tenure at Alabama, a grizzled veteran helped to define the program's identify as a tough, aggressive football team.

Joe Pendry was Saban's first offensive line coach with the Crimson Tide from 2007-2010. In addition to Alabama, Pendry spent nearly four decades in coaching for various college and professional teams. He was also the head coach of the USFL's Pittsburgh Maulers in 1984.

During his visit Inside the Locker Room, the former offensive line coach reflected on a number of topics including a fundamental idea that Nick Saban uses to influence his players from the recruiting trail to competing in the SEC.

"Nick preaches competition and individual competition amongst the team. The kids that he goes after that might play a position where we already have a guy that's played a year or two and been a really good player, that's what Nick's going to tell them. It's open competition and what makes you as good as you can be is competition." Pendry said.

Pendry also addressed other characteristics of Alabama football including Saban's ability to change with the times, the character of the players and the numerous on-field assistants and behind the scenes analysts under the Crimson Tide's head coach.

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