Have you ever wondered what gets talked about inside the Alabama football facility when former players return to Tuscaloosa? A new web series called 'Shop Talk' pulls back the curtain on some of the conversations and gives fans a lot of insight into the program's success.

The football team released part one of the first episode of this series that takes place inside the newly-opened barber shop inside the football complex. Former players Julio Jones, Ryan Anderson, and Eddie Jackson star in this video with Nick Saban coming in to join the guys midway through.

The players start off talking about how the program has changed from a facilities standpoint but also with how hard the workouts used to be. Much like we all do, they all talk about how much tougher it was when they were going through it.

From there, the conversation shifts to social media and the impact it has on the game. Julio Jones says a lot on the subject and speaks a lot of truth along the way. Saban gives his same message about social media that he's shared through the years.

It was pretty interesting to hear Saban also talk about how important it is to him to see these players come back to Tuscaloosa and continue to invest in the program. As the barber shop proves, each group helps lay the foundation for a better future for the next class of Crimson Tide players.

Overall, it's worth taking the 15 minutes or so to watch part one. It's well done and you get a candid conversation between Saban and three NFL players. Check it out in the video below.

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