The University of Alabama's veteran running back Najee Harris, is one of the top offensive players in college football right now. Many are expecting him to become the next Heisman trophy winner and his college career stats certainly validate that opinion. During his college career alone he has had 2,073 rushing yards with 18 touchdowns. He is definitely in the discussion when it comes to winning the Heisman.

Najee Harris posted a YouTube video of himself and one of his physical trainers training at the university's band field on Wednesday. They were working on some simple drills and by the looks of it, Najee is committed to being in excellent physical shape for the upcoming season.

He also included a detailed tour of the university's new football facility. The new facility is truly state of the art. Towards the end of the video, Najee gives us a tour of the entire facility and all of its new features. It includes a brand new weight room with some high-tech lifting equipment, an indoor pool along with a hot tub, a leisure room with a massive movie screen and lounging, an entire room full of previous trophies and rings, a hallway full of jerseys from past players who are now in the NFL, and so much more!

Najee also seems to be focusing on his recovery after his intense workout sessions. As you saw in the video, he has started doing yoga and other forms of therapy along with a healthy diet in order to stay physically prepared for the upcoming season.

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