Analyst and Former NFL Scout Daniel Jeremiah recently released his "first look" scouting report for University of Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

Jeremiah scouted Young's game tape from three games this past season: at Mississippi State (Oct. 16, 2021), vs. Georgia (SEC Championship Game; Dec. 4, 2021), vs. Georgia (College Football Playoff National Championship; Jan. 10, 2022).

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Jeremiah listed three key areas of Young's game that impressed him.

The analyst complimented Young's accuracy saying: "His ball placement is exceptional at all three levels. He throws with anticipation and consistently places the ball on the upfield shoulder to maximize run after catch. He can layer the ball over second-level defenders and he has a great feel for using the correct loft on deep balls."

Jeremiah then touted Young's decision making: "He shows a firm grasp of the offense, consistently getting to the third progression and taking what the defense gives him. He’s selectively aggressive. Young pushes the ball down the field, but he isn’t reckless."

The final thing that stood out to the former scout was Young's instincts: "His instincts are as good as I’ve seen from a first-year starting quarterback at the college level. He can feel pressure, create space and deliver the ball from a variety of arm angles. He always keeps his eyes up when he’s flushed from the pocket and you never see panic in his play."

Then what stood out even more about Jeremiah's early scouting report was the only bad thing he had to say about Bryce Young was his size, Jeremiah of course realizes he can not help his height but it may be a good idea for young to pack on a bit more muscle to help his durability at the next level.

Jeremiah wrote that three things consistently came to mind when scouting Young: "urgency, twitch, and sudden." Writing that Young's confidence allowed him to play with a quickness that is not necessarily reckless.

The analyst compared Young to Saints legend Drew Brees, saying there is not really a clean comparison for Bryce, but what he and Brees lack in size they are able to make up for in accuracy and elite processing skill.

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