While Nick Saban has his sights on a new offensive coordinator and spring practice, a number of departing players from the 2016 SEC title team are preparing for the 2017 NFL Draft.

During Thursday’s edition of The Gary Harris Show, NFL draft analyst for drafttek.com Kennedy Paynter offered his opinions on some of Alabama’s draft prospect.

Paynter gave his outline for how many Alabama players could hear in this year’s draft.

“I count about 10 that I expect to go in the draft. There are a couple of other guys that are probably going to get some camp invites, but there’s 10 very solid guys who could actually contribute to a roster this year.” Paynter said.

The NFL draft analyst for drafttek.com later broke down his assessment of various players including Jonathan Allen, O.J. Howard, Reuben Foster and Tim Williams and his view of the importance of the NFL Combine relative to the overall draft process.

Paynter also detailed the criteria he uses to evaluate prospective NFL players.

“I really look for smart guys. I’m not always going for the crazy athlete that’s going to jump off the screen at you.” Paynter stated.

He further elaborated on the desired characteristics he looks for in NFL prospects.

“I want the guy that’s smart. I want the guy that you can put in any scheme, and he’s going to be able to figure it out, and you’re going to be able to work with him.” Paynter said.

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