Former Las Vegas Raider and Alabama Crimson Tide football player Henry Ruggs III was at fault in a Tuesday morning car accident that left one person and one dog dead and another person in critical condition.

Ruggs was driving 156 mph and was intoxicated at twice the legal limit while also in illegal possession of a firearm. According to Las Vegas law, Ruggs faces 2-46 years in prison.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban commented on the tragic accident during his Wednesday press conference.

Well our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to all involved in this tragic situation, especially the victims. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them. But our thoughts and prayers are also with Henry, his family. And I think this is something that a lot of folks can learn from. I think a lot of players on our team, when we say and challenge people to make good choices and decisions, do the right thing. Because sometimes the consequences can be devastating. And these consequences are going to probably be pretty devastating to Henry. We love him. We're going to support them through it. But we also have a lot of compassion for the victims and our thoughts and prayers are also with them.

Ruggs played at Alabama from 2017-19 and was a part Saban's special 2017 recruiting class. While with the Tide he hauled in 98 receptions for 1,716 yards and 24 touchdowns.

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