Nick Saban had an interesting comparison when talking about offensive coaches around the country.

"You guys are all apart of the Taliban man" when speaking towards the offensive coaches. Claiming the evolution of offense in football keeps him from sitting still. The analogy brought in some laughs from the rest of the Zoom attendees, as they know how much Saban cherishes his defense.

The way football has changed over the last decade proves that Saban's point is not to far from the truth of offenses terrorizing defenses. The old school way of winning a game solely based off your defense is long gone. For the most part teams can't expect to only score 20-30 points in a game and still win. The amount of times games are in the 30s, 40s, and 50s is comical.

The examples that come to mind are in 2015 and 2016 in the national championship. Alabama and Clemson met back to back years in the playoff championship game. The two final scores to those games were 45-40 Alabama on top in 2015, and 35-31 with Clemson winning in 2016.

This was a pivotal moment for college football as two powerhouses were going at it with no answers for one another's offensive game plan. The way the game has been played ever since is a direct correlation to how we see most games played today.

Even this years championship game was 52-24. Alabama and their fans did not get comfortable until Alabama got up multiple touchdowns. The SEC championship game was high scoring too. The final being 52-46 Alabama winning once again because Saban has adapted to this new era of football. With high flying offenses leading the way, while you simply hope your defense can stop the opponent a few times when it matters the most.

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