No one expected a tight game on Saturday when Mercer came to Tuscaloosa for senior day, but Alabama head coach Nick Saban had two clear objectives in mind for his team.

After the 56-0 win over the Bears, Saban elaborated on what he wanted to see and whether the team met those objectives.

"There were two things we wanted to try to accomplish today and I was pleased with the way we did both of them," Saban said. "I wanted our players to play with a standard to try to create momentum as we move forward in the season here. Everyone understands the challenges we have ahead of us and the importance of all those games.

"The second thing is we really wanted to do a good job for the last game with the seniors that played here today. We kept the ball on offense for seven minutes at the end so we got a couple of defensive players in. I think every senior, every senior walk-on; we dressed every player that was eligible for this game and tried to get every senior in the game and I think we accomplished that. It will be a best memory for them."

Overall, Saban was pleased with the team's performance in a game that has already been overshadowed by next week's matchup against No. 6 Auburn.

“I am really proud of the way we played. Obviously, there are things we can do better. We got the chance to play a lot of players out there today and I think that experience is very helpful to their development and growth and to the depth on our team. I do not think anybody got injured today that is of significance."

Hear everything Saban had to say by watching the video at the top of the page.

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