Since 2007, Nick Saban has etched himself in the history books as one of Alabama football’s premiere coaches with 4 national championships and 5 SEC titles.

From 1981-1992, Wimp Sanderson solidified his legacy with Alabama’s men’s basketball by taking the program to 10 NCAA Tournament appearances, six Sweet Sixteen appearances and winning five SEC Tournament Titles.

With almost six weeks remaining until the start of the 2017 college football season, Nick Saban touched on a variety of issues relating to his coaching career and Alabama football during his trip Inside the Locker Room with Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

On September 2, Jalen Hurts will begin his second season as Alabama’s starting quarterback. When asked about Hurts winning over the team last season, Saban noted his observation of how Hurts won the confidence of the team.

“I think that it speaks volumes of sort of his character, his personality, his leadership that as a young player, the older players on the team would have that much confidence and respond to him in a positive way like that they did.” Saban said.

A number of characteristics including attention to detail, focusing on the task at hand and consistency in performance have come to define Alabama football under Nick Saban. While discussing his ability to focus, Alabama’s football coach shared an analogy that his dad taught him while growing up in West Virginia.

“When you’re climbing the mountain, you always look up. Very few people get to the top. People who get to the top don’t stay on top very often. So the moral of that story is you better keep climbing or somebody’s going to bite you in the butt.” Saban said.

Saban also discussed what position is the hardest for him to recruit and a tip he received from former NFL coach Buddy Ryan about being a head coach.

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