With all the rumor and talk of a possible transfer from an Ohio State Buckeye quarterback, Cardale Jones attempted to throw a wrench in everything we've been hearing since the end of the college football season.

All the hearsay during the offseason has been whether current Buckeye quarterback Braxton Miller would transfer or not, but Jones decided to hit us all with an unexpected left hook on Twitter today.

Well... I think we can all say that no one was expecting this.

However, this is the young man who told us all a few years ago that he wasn't here to play school, so we're guessing he's here to play pranks on us all.

For about 8 seconds, every sports reporter on Twitter was frantically calling whoever they could call, trying to figure out what in the world was going on, but it turns out that Jones was just having a little fun.

He has since tweeted out that it was all in good fun, but given his history on Twitter, he probably should have just left this one joke alone.

I'm all for having fun and joking on social media, but imagine how Akron head coach Terry Bowden felt for a few seconds when that tweet went viral? A rapidly sharp rise in ecstasy, then a plunge into depression from disappointment.

Wait... never mind. I'm sure most Alabama fans had no concern whatsoever about how Terry Bowden felt.

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