Washington's NFL franchise has come under fire many times in recent years over their name, but the calls for change could have finally hit home. The Redskins' front office has had a strong stance against changing their name for awhile, but corporate pressure may be what finally changes their minds.

Earlier this week, FedEx formally asked the Redskins to change their name due to shareholder pressure. FedEx is a huge sponsor for the Redskins, as their Landover, MD stadium's naming rights are owned by the company (FedEx Field). They were soon followed in calling for a name change by other sponsors such as Nike and Pepsi. Nike went as far as to take all Redskins related apparel off of their online store.

Team owner Dan Snyder has seemingly been steadfast in his refusal to change the name until very recently, telling USA Today that it would "never" happen back in 2013. However, today the team announced it would formally review the name, and as a result it is rumored to likely be changed.

As the name change seems imminent, many alternatives have been proposed by fans and journalists on Twitter. One of the more popular choices to Twitter users (and QB Dwanye Haskins) is the Red Tails, nickname of the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African-American World War Two pilots. Another popular option is the Hogs, in reference to the nickname of the team's Offensive Line during the late 80's and early 90's, and also a nickname for Redskins' fans.

Many fans have expressed their displeasure at the talks of a name change, but it is very likely that Washington's NFL franchise will no longer go by the Redskins very soon.

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