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Second Former Clemson Tiger Makes Racial Accusation
Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney is once again under fire, this time from a former player accusing him of using a racial slur in the locker room in reference to music that was being played. According to former running back, Haamid Williams, Swinney was giving a locker room tour to a prospective c…
Racial Allegations Arise Around Swinney
Swinney largely blamed the death of Floyd and the subsequent violence that has followed on a sinful human nature. His statements have received mixed reactions from the public.

One reaction has come from former Clemson Kanyon Tuttle. Tuttle alleges on his personal Twitter, that Coach Swinney allowe…
Justyn Ross To Miss 2020 Season
According to Anna Hickey of Clemson247, wide receiver Justyn Ross will miss the 2020 season. Ross, the receiver from Phenix City, Alabama, was diagnosed with a "congenital fusion" in his spine and will undergo surgery on his back Friday. Ross was born with this issue, which was revealed in…
Are Alabama's Apple Watches Illegal?
The NCAA cancelled spring sports, the SEC cancelled spring practices, all team activities are suspended, so how are the Alabama football players maintaining their physical fitness?

Nick Saban revealed on a conference call that the program issued its players Apple Watches while they are spending ti…
Is Dabo Swinney Officially a Clemson Man?
Anna Hickey, who covers Clemson football and recruiting for 247Sports, joined Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier to talk ball and discuss if there's still any of his alma mater left in Clemson's Dabo Swinney.

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