EA Sports discontinued its wildly popular NCAA Football series in 2013 after losing a $40 million settlement but the franchise is looking to return after name, image and likeness was enacted last summer.

Unfortunately for Alabama fans, the series won't return in time to play with superstar players like Bryce Young and Will Anderson but fear not, the Tide fans will be able to dominate opponents in the near future.

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According to a recent update obtained by Extra Points with Matt Brown the game's development is fully underway and expected to be released in the summer of 2023.

EA’s aim is to release a stand-alone college football game in July of 2023, allowing for the two-year game development window necessary for collecting game assets and developing game play to meet the current market demands for a unique college football game while following NCAA guidelines

The game developers are currently in the process of gathering music, band songs and crowd chants that are specifically tailored to each university, providing for an authentic gameplay experience for the users.

EA is prepared to have the players name, image and likeness appear in the upcoming game and is prepared to pay them to do so. Reportedly, EA will be scheduled to pay schools according to tiers, based on the football program's success over the last 10 years.

Schools in Tier 1 will reportedly receive $104,900, Tier 2 will pull in $62,900, Tier 3 earns $41,900 and finally Tier 4 pulls in $10,400.

Game features are not yet known but one thing that will be in the game will be Ultimate Team. EA has featured an Ultimate Team mode in all of its sports franchises at it promotes microtransactions from its users.

A fan favorite that has appeared in the games past games was its inclusion of classic teams. The problem developers may run into with the Crimson Tide is deciding which classic Alabama teams to use.

While it's highly likely that Bryce Young will be in the NFL prior to the 2023 edition of the game, fans should look forward to utilizing super-athlete Jalen Milroe to dominate opponents online.

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