No one would have ever anticipated we'd be talking about the Texas/Iowa State game nearly a week after it was played, but here we are.

Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads got most of the attention with his postgame comments, but Texas wide receiver Mike Davis received much criticism for his late block on a Cyclones' defensive back. If you missed the play, take a look.

Davis tried to minimize the damage by downplaying his comments and trying to explain that he just plays until the whistle, but that hasn't made the controversy disappear.

But the Big 12 didn't feel the hit warranted any type of punishment. Late Saturday, the conference released a statement on the hit:

In accord with the Conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct policy, Mr. Davis’ action was in violation of the rule prohibiting physically abusive acts toward an opponent’s team members during a contest,” said Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby.  “Given the heightened emphasis on player safety, unnecessary and illegal acts such as this have no place in the game and are unacceptable.  Mr. Davis is also put on notice that any future such behavior may result in a more serious penalty, including possible suspension.


Backlash continued as the new week came, so much so that the senior issued a full apology, which included him reading it on video.



While it's obvious that all player apologies are pre-written and run through the media relations department, it still seems more genuine on paper than on video. Watching a player read a statement takes away from its authenticity, even if they are his own words. But kudos to Texas and Mike Davis for formally apologizing for the ugly incident.


(GIF courtesy of USA Today)