This weekend was the epitome of college football. Any given Saturday can shake up the entire landscape and trajectory of the College Football Playoff. Below are some key games that will affect the Final Four of college football.

No. 9 Texas losing to TCU in an overtime thriller  and No. 18 Oklahoma dropping the ball yet again to another unranked team in Iowa State the Big 12 looks like they won't be included in this years College Football Playoff. With their only note worthy games being against each other next week it might be over for these two programs baring any major upsets within the top 5 going forward.

No. 24 Pitt lost North Carolina State on a go ahead touchdown with 23 seconds to go.  The No. 25 team in the country would also suffer a heart breaking loss to SMU with a final field goal to seal their fait. No.11 UCF would also lose at home to unranked Tulsa breaking their 21 home game win streak and hopefully the "We want Bama" chants as well.

The SEC is proving to be similar to the wild wild West with No. 18 Mississippi State falling to Arkansas 21-14 just a week moved from beating the reigning National Champions in LSU.

Two words can describe  this College Football Season. "Nobody's Safe"

Survival of the fittest could also describe the upcoming games as Clemson will have to face No. 8 Miami this weekend. In addition to Florida facing No. 21 Texas A&M and Georgia playing No.14 Tennessee things are heating up already and it's looking like it's time to separate the boys from the men.

These games create a world of different scenarios that's going to make things quite interesting. With the Big 10 and Pac 12 returning in a couple of weeks it will only add to the madness Who are you projecting to make it to the Playoffs? Let us know in the comments.

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