Becoming a first-round NFL pick provides a windfall of new money that can sometimes overwhelm players that aren't ready for the responsibility of managing this six and seven-figure income. 

For new Indianapolis Colts' center Ryan Kelly, there isn't the temptation to buy a new luxury vehicle or a brand new home just yet. Despite signing a rookie contract worth more than $10 million earlier this month, the 18th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft hasn't purchased anything extravagant just yet.

Kelly joined The Game on Tuesday to talk about his first few weeks in Indy, and host Ryan Fowler asked him about spending that first NFL check.

"I went to a wedding so I guess I had to purchase a plane ticket," Kelly said. "That's about the first thing I've done. I'm probably looking to save pretty much all of it until I can figure out what I want to buy."

Kelly said he's been busy getting acclimated to his new team and processing all of the rookie seminars to think much about anything away from the field. The 2015 Rimington Award winner has an opportunity to start for the Colts next fall with quarterback Andrew Luck behind him.

You can listen to the full conversation with Kelly below.

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