As the countdown continues toward kickoff of the 2018 Alabama football season, Nick Saban and the coaching staff continue their never ending journey of maintaining their perch atop the college football pedestal.

In a recent article, veteran freelance sportswriter Tim Gayle dove into Alabama football's recent use of social media platforms to more effectively reach out to potential recruits.

During Tuesday's edition of The Gary Harris Show, Tim Gayle detailed his story on Alabama football's footprint on social media.

To begin the conversation, the veteran freelance writer described Graphics Director Jonathan King's journey from a student at the Unviersity of Alabama to a brainchild of many of the Alabama football's recent social media projects including "Bama Cuts".

Gayle further looked at how competing programs such as Ohio State and Clemson used social media to their advantage in recruiting and how Alabama implemented social media in their overall messaging in recruiting.

He also explained how "Bama Cuts" and the football team's mishap on Saban's boat helped to bring further national attention to the program and how it humanizes Alabama's head football coach.

Alabama kicks off the season September 1 in Orlando against Louisville.

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