It seems like at award shows now that there are all kinds of awards that really shouldn't be awards. So what I've done is create my own categories that aren't real that should be actual awards.

Maybe this can pick up steam and I'll make a lot of money off my ingenious idea.

Okay, it probably won't ever happen, but a man can hope, right?

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    Most Excitable Bench

    I love this category because it shows the childish side of athletes. Often times, the players on the end of the bench don't get much significant playing time, so their role is to increase the morale of the team.

    Well, after Texas Longhorn center Cameron Ridley made two huge plays on opposite sides of the court against Kansas State on March 8, practice squad player Ryan McClurg went absolutely bonkers, and thus was born one of the best memes in college hoops this year.

    So the award obviously goes to... the University of Texas men's basketball team!

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    Craziest Play

    This award is given to the team that made a play that not only fooled the camera operators, but also the players on the field! It seemed like the only people who knew what was going were the officials.

    Of course, the award for Craziest Play goes to the Oregon Ducks football team, when they played the Utah Utes on November 8. Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay celebrated a sure-fire touchdown prematurely, dropping the ball on the one-yard line. Oregon linebacker Joe Walker proceeded to pick it up and took it the opposite way 100 yards for a touchdown.

    I'm still confused.

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    Biggest Blown Opportunity

    It's hard to have anyone else win this award when you have a relatively easy opportunity to win your sport's championship, then absolutely get stomped by the other team.

    And although I liked the team, this award has to go to the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team. The Badgers played the Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, and actually led the Blue Devils by nine points with 13:23 left in the game, but the Dukies were too much and ended the game on a 29-15 run, ultimately winning the game 68-63.

    Dustin Johnson was in a close second in voting by finishing second in this year's U.S. Open to Jordan Spieth, from three-putting hole #18 at Chambers Bay from 12 feet out.

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    Ugliest Jersey

    There are some bad jerseys out there, and most of them exist in Minor League Baseball. This year's winner most certainly lives in the minors.

    And the winner of Ugliest Jersey goes to... the El Paso Chihuahuas!

    This was by far the most difficult category to vote on.

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    At Least You Tried

    This award goes to the team that was physically outmatched, dominated, and beaten down by the sheer amount of talent that they just didn't have.

    The "At Least You Tried" award goes to... the San Jose State Spartans men's basketball team!

    They accomplished the ever-elusive "oh for," as in "they went oh for 18 in conference play this season (0-18), and only managed to win two of their 12 non-conference match-ups, against NCCAA members Bethesda University and St. Katherine's.

    There were many worthy nominees for this award, but the Spartans were simply on a completely different level from everyone else.

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